“A Letter to Young Chelsea”

Dear young Chelsea, never shall I be thrown into despair
By your warm smile, hazel eyes and brown colored hair
Strands are tousled like your innocence but raw beyond compare
Your young heart is like the sun, water and air

Dear young Chelsea, soon you’ll be shaped with unanswered prayers
You’ll jump on the streets and find vultures to scare
You’ll touch their skin and get stung of despair
I still find you beautiful beyond those empty eyes and black hair

Dear young Chelsea, beware of sadness for it will devour every bit of you to bare
Oh, soul! Let this letter whisper to take risks without care 
Pain is temporary, and surviving could be like death I swear
Be young my dear, don’t rush. Our collision is near, prepare

-Keziah Chelsea Agapiaimage.jpeg


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