“Sacrifice; The Immolated Sita”


“Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.”-Morihei Ueshiba

It did not took long, IPAG has carried me away with another brilliant performance in the theater play Sita: The Ramayana Revisited. It was like taking me to another dimension, to another country but still adding a Filipino accent with the usage of our National Language.


IPAG took me again in euphoria for the Classic Indian Epic: The Ramayana. I never really was interested in this epic but since it has to be read because of several English and Literature subjects back in the days so I have somehow  The story started with the Abduction of Sita ( played by Veniza Yamomo) by Lawana ( Gaspar Cortes, Jr.). Rama (Michael Cinchez Lagura) was the husband of Sita, the soul enemy of Lawana. She then weighs her options. She has been freed by her abductor to return to safety but chooses to stay with Lawana to warn Rama of Lawana’s deceitful plan. She was puzzled of why she is treated unlike a common prisoner, soon it was revealed to her that she is the daughter of Lawana. Rama together with his brother Lacsamana (Daffriel Bucayon 😉 )  and ally Hanuman (Trixcel Jan Emborong) attacked, the invasion was successful, Sita was released but Rama doubting her faithfullness challenges Sita to walk through a pyre to prove her fidelity. Until then, nobody knew what happened to Sita. Others said she survived others say she didn’t.

While watching the scene where she sacrificed herself, I can’t help but ponder how important women in our society. The selfless love that women can devote is incomparable. Only a woman knows how should a woman love her love, how a mother takes care her children, how a women devote to herself to her husband husband and that love makes our jigsaw world come into pieces. Crazy it seems, but only a woman can walk through fire for you. For some, Sita was a foolish lover who was carried away with impulses. For me, that decision made her a winner, it proved how loving and brave she was.

I was kept on the edge of my sear the whole time with the dances,  the songs had me held captive and added spice to the performance. I really am impressed with how they interpreted words to songs and dances. From then I started to get interested with the story, it’s not just another epic, and the play made me realize that; It is a treasure because this tale is an art of History that needs to be commemorated.




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