Beauty Celebrated: Ms. Universe

“J’avais echoué plusieurs fois dans ma vie” soon as Iris Mittenaere spoke her first sentence, I already felt goosebumps. There was something in the her short pauses that makes eerie but enchanting. She was real, and raw. She was crowned Ms. Universe

Indeed, Ms. Universe is one one the most celebrated pageants known to exist.Miss Universe 2016 grand coronation on January 30 kicks off with the announcement of the Top 12.
The Top 12 are chosen based on their performance during the three days of preliminary events; consisting of interviews, the swimsuit presentation, the evening gown competition, and global online fan voting. If I was a candidate I could have fainted and run back home. It was very nerve wracking when Philippines was last to be called on the Top 9. It seemed like the world has stopped revolving for an hour. Listening to my teacher was a struggle because I keep on checking my phone for updates. When Philippines was called the whole 4 sections of our strand shouted and hurrayed. swimsuits.
People wer cracking their fingers and sweating ice at this part.
The nine ladies then enter the evening gown competition, where the Top 6 was chosen.
The Top 6 candidates enter the most nerve-wracking part of the event: The Final Question round.
They was asked by a judge about various topics. My bet, of course Maxine Medina from the Philippines. She answered

“For the last ten years of being here in the world, I saw the people bringing in one event like this in Ms. Universe. It’s something big to us that we are one. As, one nation, we are all together.” 

Unfortunately her answer did not bring her to the top 3. Many were dissatisfied and disappointed because she did not took chance on using her interpreter, for the hopes of reaping a better answer from her. On my point of view, it was not her fault and she did her best. She must be the winner because out of all candidates Maxine carried with her the pressure that the Filipino society is imposing , for the last several years we always managed to have a title and last year, our country won. Many have imprisoned her with their expectations. If you have consired her a failure then it’s not her downfall, it’s ours; as a society, we have failed to show our genuine support and because of our standards we have failed to be open-minded.

As the competition moved, the top 3 was chosen, namely, Ms. Haiti 🇭🇹, Ms. Colombia 🇨🇴, and Ms. France 🇫🇷. But one must be chosen, *drum rolls* and that is Ms. France. The real, and innocence of her answer hooked everyone.

I must admit that I did expect that the Philippines will be crowned, because of factors like, home-court advantage and experienced trainers. But life is indeed unpredictable, but we will never know what’s on the other side unless we dont cross the bend of the road. Maxine is just an example of an untitled queen, and Iris is titled queen, both are queens nevertheless. Aren’t we all?

Even if I did not join the competition I have realizations because I have always viewed pageants as sexist and a shallow celebration of beauty, but it is indeed more than that, it is a chance for a person to be a voice of change and an emblem for good advocacies. It is an opportunity for an individual to be an agent of Change.



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