Saint Michael’s College on 101st Kasaulogan

“Remember, remember, the 5th of December” this line came from one of my fav movies V for Vendetta, and it’s November not December. As coincidental as it is, this year I hereby declare the 5th of December 2016 as one of my favorite & one of the most memorable day of my life.
Talking about favorites, December is my favorite month not only because it’s the month where we celebrate my birthday and Christmas, I have another reason to love December because of KASAULOGAN.
Kasaulogan is a cebuano word that means celebration. As a part of Saint Michael’s College family, Kasaulogan becomes way more than just a celebration, it’s the time of the year we commemorate the foundation of our school. The first day of Kasaulogan is the most memorable to me, I came to school early, an hour before the closing of log-in for the attendance, I expected that I was late, I was not able to eat my breakfast. As I was entering the gates I saw my two classmates. We did not expect to be so early so we decided to go out for breakfast.

img_9268As we got back, we had an assembly then the meeting of the Color teams to finalize the things to be done. We were assigned to designated rooms, it was uplifting to see my fellow team mates. I am on team Red, and our motto says “There’s no I in Red Team”. After the lunch break we had our motorcade, it started at 1pm. The flying colors of each team brought enthusiasm to the whole celebration. Each team wore T-shirt and clothes with shades of their designated teams. There were balloons, banners, flag lets. The whole Michaelite population paraded like waves as we celebrate our 101st foundation week. There were nuns, alumni, students,pupils and people who celebrated with us.
As we arrive at the Basic Education Department located at Barangay San Miguel, the aura of joy welcomed us, looking at the decorations we could feel the happiness, it took all the tiring but fun long walk. The ceremonies, the yearly Michaelite tradition, we started with a prayer, then we had the torch lighting and the presentations that “DROVE ME CRAZY”. The SMC Chorale proved how versatile they are, how powerful and magnificent their God-given talents. But there’s more, the Lakbay-Buhay theatre Society of our school entertained and educated us with their talents from dancing, to singing and acting. They made us travel back to the roots of Saint Michael’s which impressed me. I was even thinking of joining the theatre because I was moved by their performance.

As I moved out of the gym; tired, yes! But with a smile on my face. I just felt so blessed to be part of an institution that brings out the best in every student in a holistic way. “For it is a celebration of the fact that we were adopted for a purpose and that adaption is an experience that has the potential of teaching us some of life’s richest and deepest lesson.” – Sherrie Eldridge


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