Christmas Collision

When the string of the “BER” months come, the feel of the Philippine’s misty air changes. Streets and houses are now illuminating, lanterns are flooding, jingles and carols are now playing at radios, televisions, malls and supermarkets and the entire atmosphere starts to get a little merrier. I guess it is in the Philippines that we have this unique duration of celebrating Christmas, it usually starts from September to December.

My family usually starts decorating after Halloween because my Mother does not want to mix up the decors for Christmas and and the frightening dark decors from halloween.

The concealed giggle inside me, just continues to make my heart and my being feel so light and happy. It’s like the feeling of waiting for my dad to come home from abroad. That feeling for me, is the most similar feeling of waiting for Christmas day. And by waiting, we just don’t simply wait for it to come, we “Prepare”. My mother usually does a lot of cleaning. She changes the arrangement of furnitures, does repainting. Last year she painted our house’s interior some shade of yellow mixed with red but this year, she decide to put some shades of green.  The trees are planted with lights and balls and glittered flowers.

The usual simbang gabi masses we attend, the most challenging part of the preparation because we have to wake up a 4am in the morning just to attend the mass. I don’t think I have completed the 9 mornings, or should I say I have never completed the set of 9 masses. Sorry Jesus, I’ll try harder next time.

Last year, we went to church and had our usual Noche Buena. I helped at church to prepare for the celebration the afternoon prior Christmas eve, I had my bonding with my friends. The thing is, Christmas gives me a lot of Deja’vus. It seems like nothing have changed every year. Maybe it’s the magic and spirit that we feel.

If God would allow me to manipulate the details of how my Christmas is going to be, I will not probably take the offer, I would let Him do his ways, surprise me Lord! Every year is surprising, it feels like the Christmas of ’99 keeps on colliding with the Christmas of 2000’s until now because my memories are mixed up in a single jar and opens up at this time of the year. It still Christmas, time has changed but never my spirit.




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