Yours truly, Chelsea


          I’m glad that I have reached you, like unlike awkward firstmeets, I am now going to tell you my story. I was born during the cold night of December 22. 1999.

I’m a Capricorn, capris basically enjoy calmness and coffee. ☕️

I am currently a Senior High School student and struggling to pass this semester, however I am very passionate in my studies, I try to put my A+ game into everything. I have a lot of friends. I’m good at remembering names. I may seem to be a little strict but if you finally get to know me I’m the craziest girl you’ll ever meet. I love long walks, I like writing, it’s definitely one of my favorite things to do since I can express myself more in these arena, I love talking yet sometimes I have to conquer several issues, I love talking my time into processing my thoughts so that’s basically the reason why I love writing. I believe in the saying that good results are directly proportional to one’s effort.  

I also love movies, I appreciate how an actor portrays a role, for me acting is an art. I’ve been  trying to indulge myself in reading but I never finish it, except if it required in literature classes.I love fantasy and Imagination, it’s just that my world requires reality, beneficial but for a dreamer like me it actually sucks.

My parents Marivic and Marlon named me Keziah Chelsea S. Agapia. Keziah derived from the Bible, originally ‘cassia’ which means sweet scented. From my name, my fascination for aroma and everything that is fragrant started when I was a kid. I have 2 siblings, we’ve been very interested in photography.  Photographs really matter to us. I also love meeting people, I love taking sharing and through the help of media, my thoughts and experiences can now reach a wider audience which can also help you. May we enjoy each others company in chasing what we love.


‘She’s just another girl on the other side of the world

wondering why she exists, wandering in the cold

You’ll never figure out why she loves pain and bold

but He said to me she’s just amazing and it was foretold

that she’ll fly with a pen and a paper that will unfold

the mystery behind her amazing world’


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